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Boy used his girfriend’s name as a dating site password

27, Sep 2009 By Pagal Patrakar

Chandigarh. A 25-year-old boy was beaten up publicly by his girlfriend after she found out that he has been using her name as password on a popular dating website. The boy, identified as Rishi Bawa, insists that he was not using the site for dating new girls but his girlfriend Jassi doesn’t believe him. Police is clueless if a case of infidelity could be filed as the couple were neither married nor were into a live-in relationship.

Keep your password secure and secret
Keep your password secure and secret

Jassi found out this secret when she was visiting Rishi on his birthday. She checked his laptop while he was taking bath and found this dating site’s address in the history. Out of curiosity, she entered her name as password and she was shocked to see the login working. Later on Rishi tried to convince her that he had opened the account just as a prank and he was not using it seriously.

“He is a big liar. I saw responses from many girls in his account and the dates clearly showed that he has been wooing girls quite often recently while feigning loyalty to me. The worst part is, I tried his facebook, orkut, twitter and other accounts, and none of those had my name as password! I mean what the hell!?” Jassi fumed.

Out of fury, Jassi drove out Rishi of his home in his towel and threw shoes and sandals at him. She also slapped him five times before locals rescued Rishi and handed him over to the police, suspecting him to have attempted a rape. The police have no idea how to move ahead in the case. Psychologists have also termed the case as bizarre as they are not sure if Rishi’s behavior qualifies as adultery or infidelity.

“It’s common for lovers to create passwords after names of their partners, but this is a bit strange. He used her name for password but on a site where he veritably was trying to cheat her. Maybe he’s just a confused lover, and these days there are too many.” Mansi Kalra, a psychologist said.

Rishi was let off after a mild warning by police officials as he broke down immediately as soon as he was taken to the police station. Rishi has pleaded guilty to be checking out other girls while he romanced Jassi, but he refused to elaborate why he did that. Meanwhile Jassi has decided to forgive Rishi if he changed his password, a move that has shocked many of her friends.