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Boy wakes up after 7 months of coma when his girlfriend tried to touch his phone

15, May 2017 By Guest Patrakar

Pune: This miraculous news came from Hinjewadi, Pune where Ankit Aggarwal, an IT engineer in Infosys, woke up after seven months of coma. 

Ankit Aggarwal went to coma after a speeding car hit his bike from the back while he was waiting at a red light signal last year. Since then he was admitted to Eleven Hills hospital, Sakinaka where he had shown no signs of improvement.

Ankit’s recovery has shocked doctors across the country. Faking News reporter spoke to Ankit’s mother. Extremely excited, she said, “I knew this, last night I dreamt of this, I saw somebody is keeping water bottles in fridge, who else it could be. God has listened to my prayers, I don’t want anything more.” 

Ankit is a social media addict and he was once admitted to a rehabilitation center, but that didn’t help. In fact, all the staff members of the rehabilitation center became social media addicts too. Ankit’s friend Akash, who was the pillion rider when accident took place, told us that Ankit gets excited every time his phone vibrates.

He never keeps his phone on silent mode and in fact once fainted when he couldn’t find charging point to charge his phone. Akash further told that when he met with the accident, Ankit asked him to update his facebook status to ‘Trying to survive an accident, feeling sad with Akash and two other’. Ankit also surprised doctors when he was extremely critical but got up to charge his phone. 

Faking News sources say Ankit has been extremely possessive about his phone and never allows anyone to touch it. On Sunday, 14th May, Ankit’s girlfriend Nitu came to visit him but seeing no response from Ankit, Nitu decided to go back. While going back, Nitu noticed Ankit’s phone and switched it on. The phone started vibrating non-stop due to various notifications and that was when Nitu noticed some movement in Ankit’s body. Nitu thought of calling doctors but before she could, Ankit got up on his own and started yelling at her. Ankit said “How dare you touch my Phone”. Nitu started crying out of happiness.

Seeing Ankit all good, Eleven Hills Hospital’s doctors got shocked and one of the doctors who has been atheist all his life ran to the nearest temple. Seeing this successful method of treatment, even other doctors are getting critically ill patients to become social media addicts so that they can be brought to life when someone touches their phone.

While Ankit broke up with his girlfriend, this news sparked the age old debate “Social media, a boon or bane?” all over again!