Monday, 24th February, 2020


Boys from Lokhandwala, Mumbai, can show their protein shaker bottles instead of NRC documents: Maha Govt.

08, Feb 2020 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai. On Wednesday Madhya Pradesh became the fifth state after Punjab, Kerala, Rajasthan, and West Bengal to officially reject the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA).


PM Modi’s visit to Assam’s Kokrajhar to ‘celebrate’ the Bodo agreement shows the BJP’s muddled approach in the state. But the Maharashtra government is lenient when it comes to NRC. The Maharashtra government has allowed the boys from Lokhandwala, Mumbai, to show their protein shake bottles to prove their residence ship in Lokhandwala.

Most boys in Lokhandwala carry a protein shake bottle and most have Gym memberships. Faking News team did a survey to find that 90% of people in Lokhandwala have protein shake bottles, s the NRC will impact just 10 % of boys.

But the Maha government has given a time of 5 days to the boys to get their gym bottle and prove that they are citizens of India. Maha government will soon bring such easy rules for girls in Bandra where all girls will have to speak in English throughout the day to prove that they belong to Bandra.