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Bride in U.P sees groom chewing gutkha during rituals, cancels marriage, says he din't share gutkha with her

03, Sep 2018 By Santosh Pradhan

A girl refused to marry a man for chewing gutkha in Murarpatti village in Uttar Pradesh’s Ballia district, leaving the groom surprised and her relatives shocked over the weekend. The incident has raised hopes for women empowerment in U.P, but the reason of the refusal is more shocking. Faking News has found that the girl cancelled the marriage as his husband-to-be dint share gutkha with her.


Use of gutkha is prevalent across the country with U.P being a major market. In fact the first decision which the new government in U.P took after coming to power was to ban gutkha and pan masala in government premises, but banning it in remote villages still remains a distant reality. Murapatti village is not an exception with most men chewing gutkha since childhood.

Shwetank Singh, whose marriage was fixed some 1 month back thought his bride-to-be would be knowing about this gutkha-eating habit and so he dint make efforts to tell her about it. But he was caught while the rituals were going on. The girl saw Shwetank chewing gutkha and asked the panditji to stop the rituals right away. She even started walking out of the marriage venue leaving oarents from both sides shocked. It was only later that her parents found about the reason for this shocking decision. Apparently, Shwetank’s wife-to-be is also a gutkha lover and she found it embarrassing that her husband dint share it with her.

Our Faking News reporter spoke to the girl today and she had this to say, ” marriage is based on sharing things, be it happiness, sorrows or small pleasures of life and gutkha is an important part. My problem is not that my husband chews gutkha, but how can he chew it without even offering me some of it. I will only marry a person who knows the art of eating gutkha together with his wife.”

We are trying to reach government officials for comments on this incident, but they are busy chewing gutkha and cant speak now.