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Builders in Vasai now offering Boat Parking with every flat

11, Jul 2018 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai: As the roads in Mumbai turn into rivers and potholes turn into ponds, the builders in Mumbai are hard at work to sell their matchbox sized apartments. With images of flooded Vasai splashed across social media, attracting new buyers to the area was becoming a bit challenging so the builders have now started offering a parking spot for boats as well.2018_6$largeimg09_Saturday_2018_184658867

Finding a parking spot in Mumbai is more difficult than finding an empty seat in a Virar local but these builders are now providing 2 parking spots for every new buyer, one for the car and second for the boat.

Speaking to Faking News, a builder Mr. Saxena said,” Boats are going to become an absolute necessity in the coming days I feel so that is why we have decided to offer this boat parking. A person can survive easily without a Car in Mumbai but boats are becoming an absolute must. I myself bought 3 for my family this week.”

“The visuals on social media of flooded roads in these parts were becoming a problem for us. Now either we can wait for BMC to do something about the flooding or we can adapt to the flooded roads. We decided to adapt since waiting for BMC to do something is utterly useless. Apart from digging roads, you can’t expect BMC to do anything. Now hopefully, buyers will not shy away from buying property here as they know they can just buy a boat and rest we will manage.”, Mr. Saxena added.

Meanwhile, when we contacted BMC to ask who is at fault for the flooded roads, a senior official said,” We believe some people have conducted marriage of frogs in secret and that has led to this unexpected amount of rain, flooding the roads. We are coordinating with Mumbai Police to arrest the culprits.”