CA student files case against Google Pay for showing him ‘better luck next time’ reward and teasing him

17, Jan 2020 By Guest Patrakar

Mumbai. The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India or ICAI, the professional body which conducts Chartered Accountants (CA) exams in India has released the CA results. There was a mixed reaction on social media with people who passed the exam celebrating while the others in a gloomy mood.


Sanil Srivastava, a CA aspirant failed to clear the exam on his 7th attempt. He was already feeling low and on top of that he had to hear the same question again and again from his relatives ‘Is baar pass huye ya nahi?’. But he kept his cool and was determined to keep preparing and try again next year. This is when he received a reward card on Google Pay for one of his transactions. The card read ‘Better Luck Next Time’.

This made Sanil very angry and he threw his phone on the floor. Sanil went to the police and filed a case against Google Pay for mentally harassing him. Google Pay executives have conveyed to the police that the rewards are for everyone and they are the same, there is no special card for a CA student so there is no questin of teasing anyone.

But Sanil is not satisfied with the response and will see to it that Google Pays for it.