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Campus stunned as middle-aged alumnus tries to act cool

12, Jun 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

Pune. “Hey, watching porn and thinking about the hottest chick on the campus? Gotcha!” was the statement that shocked 21-year-old Amey as a 40-something old boy of his business school barged into his hostel room when he was watching some YouTube video on his laptop. The old boy, Shakti Sawant, was visiting Indian Institute of Global Management (IIGM) to take part in the silver jubilee alumni reunion of the batch of 1985.

Shakti, who could be turning 50 next year according to some sources, also visited his old hostel and shocked the current students with his actions as he tried his best to mingle and ‘connect’ with them.

“All that he talked was about girls, porn, and booze.” disclosed a rather disappointed Amey, residing in room no. 16 of Tilak hostel, which happened to be the same room and hostel that was occupied by Shakti some 25 years ago. “Already we keep talking such things almost the whole day, what’s the point discussing the same stuffs with the old boys?” Amey wondered.

“He was a complete disappointment.” he added.

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Shakti allegedly asked all the hostel guys to assemble in the common room as he told them about the hot girls of his batch and how he used to spend hours in front of the girls’ hostel by bribing the security guards with cigarettes and gutkha.

“We are allowed to go inside girls’ hostel now.” a rather deadpan voice among the students informed Shakti, who then winked at the rather bored crowd, saying, “Lucky bastards you all are!”

It’s not that everyone in the hostel was bored with Shakti’s stories. A bunch of 3-4 guys kept on prodding him to come up with more stories of sleaze from the past, something that assured Shakti, now Marketing Head of an MNC, that his attempts of connecting with the new crowd was working well.

The alumnus then moved out of his old hostel to meet his old batch-mates, leaving behind a disappointed current batch.

“He didn’t even treat us with Pizzas! Chindichor saala!” complained Nishant, one of the few guys who had shown keen interest in Shakti’s stories.

But Shakti believes that he could impress the current batch and that meritorious students from the campus would show keen interest in joining his company when he comes back for recruitment during the placements.

“You are only as old as you feel yourself to be.” Shakti told Faking News.