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Candidate asks SBI telephonic interviewer to postpone interview as he was having lunch, gets immediately hired

21, Sep 2018 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai: SBI employees are the most punctual of all in India. They never miss out on the lunch time and sometimes the lunch times are spread throughout the day as they feel that lunch is what keeps them active and motivated for the whole day of work. SBI employees are seldom seen turning away customers saying that its lunchtime and they should visit after some time. And they look for the same skill in their future employees also.


Sanil Jain who had always been preparing for a bank job finally got an interview call from SBI HR team. He had the required qualifications but still was not so sure about clearing the interview. So he made an excuse that he is having lunch and the HR manager should call sometime later. It was a joyous moment for the HR manager, he had found the exact candidate he was looking for. He gave him a spot offer and asked Sanil to join immediately. He was sent an offer letter in the next 5 minutes and was given 50% more salary than the one mentioned in the job ad.

Sanil actually failed to turn up for a job on the next day when it was his joining day as he had already got late and thought of finishing lunch and then go to the office. He again got a call from the HR team saying that he has been selected as the employee of the month on the first day of his joining itself.  There are some rumors that SBI employees are asking for increased lunch timings in the 8th pay commision. Employees are saying that an increase in salary is not a concern, but lunch timings should surely be increased.