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Candidate waits for 2 hrs for his scheduled interview, gets immediately hired to sit on the bench of IT company

01, Nov 2018 By Guest Patrakar

Bengaluru: The joke about Indian software companies used to be that without a name board outside, you would be hard-pressed to distinguish one from the other inside. Their style of recruitment makes this case even stronger. Hiring a lot of people and using most of them to just show its bench strength. few lucky ones get projects after projects while the rest await their chance. But to get hired for the bench also requires a lot of skill, as shown by Shwetank Srivastava in Lucknow. Shwetank got hired by a software company just for the patience he showed while waiting for his interview.

Men looking at paperwork
Men looking at paperwork

Shwetank had been long waiting for his chance to get interviewed for India’s largest It company TTS. He has prepared well for his interview, had visited all forums giving tips to clear the interview process and also taking suggestions from his seniors. But none of his preparations came to use on the day of the interview.

Shwetank reached the TTS office at the scheduled time of the interview but had to wait for quite some time as the interviewer had not yet arrived. This made Shwetank a bit nervous but he stuck there as this was a lifetime opportunity. Minutes of waiting were soon getting converted to hours and by the time the interviewer arrived, Shwetank had spent almost 3 hrs waiting there.

Normally when an interview is postponed for so long, what happens is the interview gets rescheduled for some other time. But not at TTS, as patience is a key skill required to be a TTSer. And that is what the interviewer saw in Shwetank, loads and loads of patience. There are people who get impatient sitting on the bench and they do some weird stuff but the TTS HR team soon realized that Shwetank was just opposite of that. A person who can wait for 3 hrs to get hired for the bench, indeed deserves the bench much more than anyone else. And that made Shwetank’s dream of working with TTS come true, by just playing his natural game.