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Car and bike thieves return vehicles after taking out petrol

04, Nov 2011 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. Residents of Malviya Nagar here were pleasantly surprised this morning when they were informed that their vehicles, which were stolen a couple of days back, had been recovered with all the accessories intact. But their happiness was short-lived as they soon discovered that the thieves had taken out the most important accessory of their vehicles – petrol. It seems that thieves had voluntarily returned the vehicles after taking out petrol.

“We received an anonymous phone call this morning where the caller told us to close the case of theft of 15 cars and 35 motorcycles from Khirki Extension that took place on Wednesday night. The caller asked us to visit the newly opened Ambedkar Park in Noida where we found all these vehicles intact,” local sub-inspector Himmat Singh informed.

Empty petrol tank
Happiness level of car owners plummeted when they saw such signs

Once the owners of the stolen cars and bikes showed up to take back their vehicles, police proceeded to close the case of theft, but the residents objected to the move once they realized that petrol was missing from their vehicles.

“They asked us to continue our investigations and find out who stole their petrol,” Himmat Singh recalled the events this morning, “But that was out of the scope of this particular case. The FIR was about stolen vehicles and they were recovered intact; so the case was closed from our side.”

After hours of heated exchanges with the police, the angry residents asked the police to register another FIR about stolen petrol. However, even this demand was rejected by the police.

“The crime didn’t take place in our area,” Himmat Singh argued, “The vehicles were found in Noida, which is in another state; so how can these people be sure that petrol was taken out in Delhi itself and that too in Malviya Nagar? How can thieves drive the vehicles to Noida if petrol was taken out in Delhi?”

“Furthermore, how do they expect us to recover the stolen petrol?” a visibly upset and frustrated Himmat Singh told Faking News, “Unlike vehicles, petrol doesn’t come up with a number plate! And what if their cars also had pizzas and thieves ate them? We are not supposed to investigate who ate the pizzas when the FIR talks about stolen vehicles!”

Experts believe that with petrol prices going up every second month, such incidents could rise in future as thieves could see more value in selling petrol than selling dismantled car or bike accessories.

“This is not work of any thief, we suspect the police to be involved in this,” an angry resident, whose car was recovered this morning, told Faking News, “Government is stealing petrol from us!”