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Car and consumer durables cheaper, groom revises his dowry, asks for cash instead

17, Feb 2014 By idiot420

Lucknow. Dhanwan Singh, a man in his late twenties who is going get married this May, has revised his dowry demand after Chidambaram announced in the interim budget that Car and consumer durables will be cheaper.

Dhanwan got engaged to a city girl in December 2013. The engagement was finalized after various rounds of negotiations, which saw the dowry demand being finalized to Rs 15 lakh. Out of this amount, half was promised to be given in cash and remaining in kind form, i.e. in forms of goods like Car, AC, TV, and other consumer durable items.

More items are needed
More items are needed

“This is cheating. My wedding is in the next financial year and they (in-laws) are misusing this fact. We want cash and items worth Rs 15 lakh, so either they pay completely in cash or add few more items to the list,” said Mahadhanwan Singh, father of groom, while presenting his side of story.

“We have a history of cracking profitable business deals, but now our relatives are mocking us,” rued a visibly upset Dhanwan Singh.

When asked if they’d be happy if the bride’s family buys goods at current prices and not wait for reduce prices, the father-son duo said they’d be “okay” with it.

“They should spend all 15 lakhs, even if it means we don’t get it all,” the dowry-demanding family explained the logic.

On the other hand, bride’s family is in no mood to revise the dowry agreement.

“If we are forced to spend more, we will complain to the police,” the bride’s father told Faking News.

Meanwhile, after the news surfaced in media, Rahul Gandhi called it a perfect example of women empowerment where a girl’s family was getting benefits. He congratulated UPA government, which credited him back for the vision.

AAP termed the whole process corrupt and suggested that India needed stricter anti-dowry laws – Jan Lokpal level – without which any marriage in the country was useless, while BJP claimed that dowry system was completely abolished in Gujarat.