Wednesday, 1st April, 2020


Case against unknown person for forcing a hostel student to repeatedly clean his hands with sanitizer

24, Mar 2020 By @jurnoleast

As many hostel students transition back to normal life, hygiene has become a bone of contention.

engineer sanitizers

Society doesn’t look favorably at hostel students when it comes to hygiene. Especially students from mechanical engineering branch.

This was witnessed when a mechanical engineering student from the city was forcibly asked to clean his hands.

The student was returning his hometown from hostel when he was caught by vigilantes and forced to use a sanitizer, which resulted in a rash all over his body.

Cops have registered a case against these ‘sanitizer vigilantes’ and a lookout notice has been issued.

However there were some who came out in support of these aforementioned vigilantes.

“I had been to an engineering hostel once. And vowed never to step foot there again. I have seen prettier garbage dumps than these hostel rooms. Amidst this pandemic scare, I am inclined to support anyone who teaches these hostelites a lesson or two about hygiene,” commented a twitter user.

After the news made it to mainstream media, PM Modi was forced to issue a statement. While addressing the nation at 8pm, he pointed out though cleanliness is need of the hour, no one should be targeted for their hygiene.

“These self appointed ‘hygiene rakshaks’ will be dealt with strongly,” he said.

He even asked citizens to come out and clap on Sunday at 5pm for 5mins to express solidarity with hostel students.