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CBI puts all pending cases on backburner, will focus entirely on ‘which channel first broke news of Peter Mukerjea’s arrest’

23, Nov 2015 By @jurnoleast

New Delhi: CBI announced today that it is planning to momentarily shift focus from less important cases and focus entirely on ‘which channel was the first to break the news of Peter Mukerjea’s arrest’.

CBI's latest investigation: Which news channel first broke news of Peter's arrest
CBI’s latest investigation: Which news channel first broke news of Peter’s arrest

Speaking to Faking News CBI chief said, “It’s been more than 24 hours since Peter Mukerjea was arrested by the CBI but news channels are still showing it as breaking news and claiming that there were the first to break the news of his arrest. Around 10 channels have been making this claim and still there is no clarity about ‘who actually broke this news first’.”

“We have been looking at footage, statements from news anchors, emails etc to figure out which news channel can rightfully claim to have done it before the rest. There is a lot of pressure from the top to excavate the truth and we are leaving no stone unturned,” he added.

Sources from various news channel confirmed having witnessed CBI style raids and investigation at their respective work places. “I was at the coffee vending machine to have coffee and it seemed like the machine wasn’t working properly. Curious to know I opened the machine and to my surprise, found a CBI official hiding inside. When questioned, he said he was recording coffee machine conversation to gather evidence.”

CBI has also requested a few news channels to share with them evidence related to the case to help them investigate better. “While conducting raids, we found that some of the news channels have more evidence that even we could even think of,” said the CBI chief.

Meanwhile a few CBI officials were seen entering TimeNow studios armed with nothing but noise cancellation headphones to interrogate Arnab Goswami.

“We are close to solving this case and a few question answer sessions with Arnab Goswami will probably get us to the bottom of this mystery,” said a senior CBI official as he put on his headphone.