Monday, 20th May, 2019


CBSE topper of 2018 scolded by parents for scoring less than CBSE topper of 2019

10, May 2019 By Santosh Pradhan

The CBSE board results are out and as usual Indian parents are very angry. Not the parents of students who passed this year, but the parents of previous year’s students. The preparations are intense, the focus is legendary and the people who clear it becomes inspirations for millions who want to clear the exams. Shwetank Srivastava is one such example. Having topped the 2018 CBSE exams, he is currently studying engineering in Mumbai. But a few days back he went through a nightmare when his parents came to know that the 2019 CBSE topper has scored more marks than Shwetank.

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2019 board results are out and Jagdish Malik, the topper has scored 0.0005 marks more than what Shwetank did in 2018. Shwetank tried all possible means to stop this news reaching his parents, but relatives are relatives, and such news is exactly what the relatives are craving for throughout the year. Shwetank’s parents were left devastated when told about the 2018 topper. According to them, Shwetank is a big failure and all their resources spent on his education has been an utter waste. They reminded him of all the reasons due to which he scored less than the 2019 topper. The reasons like ‘ on 23rd Jan 2018, he studied only for 13 hours when he was supposed to study for 13.5 hours’, ‘during Diwali in 2017, he spent 15 minutes to wish his friends through phone messages’ and many more.

Shwetank’s parents have asked him to fill up the form for the 2020 exams and aim to score more marks than Jagdish. All the top coaching institutes have approached him and are also offering a discount of up to almost 2-3 % to get him enrolled at their centers. Shwetank is also determined to show his talent and prove to the world that he has been the best CBSE student till date.