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Celebrity shocked to find out the real price of the product she endorses in ads

14, Feb 2017 By RT

Mumbai: A TV actress was shocked to find the real price of a product that she endorses in various advertisements. The actress has been endorsing the product for over 5 years but never needed to pay for it due to the free samples she received.

shopping mall
The mall that opened her eyes!

As her stock of samples finished and with the new stock not yet delivered, she decided to make a sacrifice and buy it using her own money from the nearest mall. However, once she heard the actual price, she got the shock of her life. She tried to convince the shop owner that she should get some discount since she advertises for the product but the shop owner refused to give any discount even if she was the owner of the factory making the product.

Speaking to Faking News reporter outside the store, she said ,”These prices are truly shocking, what are they adding in it, 24 carat Gold? Apart from the expenses on my endorsement deal, what expense do they have that they need to keep the prices so high? in fact, I should double my fees since they must be making a huge profit by selling it at such a high price.”

“I know I should have waited for free samples like any professional but I just couldn’t wait and decided to buy it with my own money. Thankfully I did, it told me my real market value. No way can they charge such a high price if someone like me wasn’t endorsing it.”

When we contacted the company owner for his reaction to this development, he said ,”Arey what double price will she charge, we have already terminated her contract. That is why we stopped sending her free samples. Maybe she should check her mail before going to the mall.”