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Cheapo boyfriend breaks up on Valentine’s Day to save money

14, Feb 2014 By indianpsycho

Nagpur. A 24-year-old man from the city has decided to celebrate this Valentine’s Day by breaking up with his girlfriend only to patch up with her a few days later.

Makhkhichoos Das, the man in question has decided to do this in order to avoid going on a date and spending on gifts as is expected by restaurants, multiplexes, card companies, girlfriends on this day, thus saving thousands of rupees.

Makhkhichoos reportedly took this step after all his efforts to avoid shelling a penny on Valentine’s Day failed.

Love for Rupee
Makhkhi’s heart

He first tried to convince his girlfriend that Alok Nath was his family friend, thus there was a risk of them being married off immediately if they were caught celebrating the day together.

“She asked me to stop cracking PJs and gave that stern look when I insisted,” Makhkhi recalled how his efforts started off disastrously.

The cheapskate also tried to scare his girlfriend, whose name is being kept secret by Faking News to protect her respect in society, by claiming that local municipality has issued Tsunami alerts and it was advisable to stay at home.

Last year Makhkhi had successfully avoided Valentine’s Day by locking himself up at his friend’s place and claiming that he was held captive by anti-Valentine’s Day protesters while buying gifts for his girlfriend.

Having failed to convince his girlfriend to drop plans to go out, the cheapo then added few sleeping pills in her glass of water so that she remains asleep on Valentine’s Day. But their effect lasted only 15 minutes as being the miser he is, he had purchased the same from a Chinese vendor.

As a last resort before breaking up, he even tried to change dates on the calendar settings of his girlfriend’s cell phone to 15th February, but failed miserably. He then accused her of chatting with “bad boys” on WhatsApp and declared that their relationship was over.

If his friends aka money lenders are to be believed, leechadpanthi runs in the veins of Makhkhichoos. His cousin had earlier declared himself unborn to avoid giving birthday party to his friends.

It’s not yet clear how Makhkhi could get a girlfriend in first place.

“She clearly doesn’t love him for money,” one of the friends of Makhkhi said, “Or maybe she’s also a cheapo.”

Since there is no way Makhkhi can get another girlfriend, sources confirm that he will be spending the entire Valentine’s Day thinking how can he patch up with the girl without spending any money.