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Cheese burst pizza tasting really good after weekly workout

20, Sep 2013 By Pagal Patrakar

Mumbai. 27-year-old Sameer Singh, who is a fitness freak and sugar-free enthusiast, today confirmed that cheese burst pizzas tasted really good; he was having a large one after the 15-minutes weekly workout in the gym.

The 88 kg deep and 5.5 ft tall man, who never misses gym on Fridays, have been ordering cheese burst pizzas for the last nine Fridays, and his experience was 10/10 even after the latest incident.

“I don’t know if it’s because I am hungry after working out, but pizzas are now a weekly feature in my life,” Sameer told Faking News.

Cheese burst pizza
A slice of health

When asked if this wouldn’t neutralize the benefits of the physical workout, Sameer rejected such apprehensions.

“I have lost a whopping 2 kilograms since I started gymming three years ago. In fact, in I lost 250 grams in last month itself,” Sameer claimed.

The young professional working in an ad agency decided to enroll in a local gymnasium after he touched 90 kilos mark while standing on a weighing machine. His then girlfriend, now ex, advised him to do some workout and Sameer obliged.

His gym trainer, after failing to fix a daily schedule for him, asked him to visit the gym on Fridays.

“He goes out to watch movies with large popcorn each Friday and our gym is next to the multiplex,” Raghu, the trainer revealed.

Raghu conceded that a cheese burst pizza was not really the best thing to have after a workout, but he also added that Sameer has been a consistent performer.

“He hasn’t missed a single payment and in fact, he pays the gym fees in advance,” the trainer elaborated.

Sameer realizes that in order to achieve the target of achieving 60 kgs as his weight, he needs to work hard and workout more frequently, but he blames work schedule and office hours for his inability to make it daily.

“Furthermore, the free garlic bread offer is valid only on Fridays,” he added.