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Chennai man angrily stares at waiter for 10 mins after not being served curd-rice at Italian restaurant

08, Oct 2015 By Pagla Ghoda

Chennai: In a strange incident a software engineer by name Sujith Vikramadith Mrugendraswami, also called as Suju by his friends, was involved in a deadly face-off with a waiter at a restaurant named ‘The Lonely Pasta’ at Nungambakkam.

Eyewitness say Suju's expressions were similar to Captain Vijaykanth's after waiter refused to serve curd rice
Eyewitness say Suju’s expressions were similar to Captain Vijaykanth’s after waiter refused to serve curd rice

The argument apparently started after Suju finished his meal of red-sauce pasta, grilled zucchini pizza and Chocolate Biscotti Tortini and ordered the waiter to bring a bowl of curd-rice with pickles.

When the shocked waiter Murgan told him that there is no curd-rice on restaurant menu, Suju lost his temper. He screamed “Dei” and tilted his arm and pointed his hand towards the waiter in anger.

He then went into pause mode and angrily stared at the waiter continuously for next 10 minutes.

Only after the restaurant manager intervened and promised Suju that they will do their best to serve curd-rice to Suju, he calmed down and agreed to not scold the waiter.

Suju was later served strawberry yoghurt with risotto rice which kind of compensated for his curd-rice cravings. Suju left heavy tip with his bill with special instructions on not to give even one penny to the aggrieved waiter.

A restaurant staff later spoke to our reporter on condition of anonymity and provided further details.

The staff smiled and said, “Curd-rice is a favorite item in this part of the world and it doesn’t matter if the restaurant is Chinese, Italian or Mexican, the patrons request for this dish after completion of their meals and it is mandatory for us to provide it. Keeping with essence of our restaurant style we cannot put in our menu but one big drum full of curd-rice is kept ready in our kitchen since morning to fulfill such requests. Curd-rice for south Indians is like paneer for North Indians, they got to have this with every meal.”