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Chinkara turns hostile in poaching case involving Salman Khan

08, Sep 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

Jodhpur. A Chinkara deer is believed to have turned hostile in the twelve years old poaching case involving Bollywood actor Salman Khan and his friends, who were accused of illegally hunting and killing an endangered Chinkara, also reported as black buck in some of the news reports. The incident could provide a big relief to Salman Khan, who was earlier sentenced to rigorous imprisonment for five years and later released on bail in the same case.

“Today is a great day for Bollywood. In the morning we came to know that Shiney Ahuja’s maid had retracted her statement about Shiney having raped her, and now the deer has turned hostile in Salman Khan’s case. I hope Sanjay Dutt too checks the status of his appeal for acquittal in the illegal possession of arms case.” said Ram Jhoothmalani, a leading advocate and consulting lawyer for Salman Khan in the poaching case.

“Shakti Kapoor has no rape cases pending against him, right?” Mr. Jhoothmalani tried to check with our reporter, who had no idea about these things.

Earlier today, Mr. Jhoothmalani, after having cross-questioned all the (human) witnesses in the poaching case and nullified their testimonies on technical and legal grounds, won a major victory when he claimed that the last witness, a Chinkara, had turned hostile.

A Chinkara
The concerned Chinkara has now gone back to the reserved forest, and is reported to be feeling much better than before

According to sources, a Chinkara, who had survived the hunting but saw his friend being shot dead, was brought to the court as a last ditch attempt by the prosecution to prove the culpability of Salman Khan. Once inside the court, the poor and peaceful deer is reported to have panicked and started romping all over the premises, mildly damaging the court property and injuring some of the people present.

At this point, the judge is believed to have said, “Call the wildlife officials immediately. We need to sedate this animal; it has turned hostile.”

“Point to be noted, my lord!” snap came the rejoinder from Mr. Jhoothmalani, who thus successfully got the witness listed as having “turned hostile” in the case documents.

Various legal experts have hailed the development as a new high in the Indian judicial system and have claimed that there would be long term repercussions of today’s development.

“Since an animal can’t speak, lawyers can’t cross-question it. Animals are also not known to accept bribes to throw away cases. That’s why we had dreaded animals testifying in courts, but now we know what to do.” said a lawyer defending an accused in the Bihar’s fodder scam case.

Meanwhile the court has clarified that Shiney Ahuja jokes or Salman Khan jokes would remain valid even if the cases against them are dismissed. Court will meet again after thirteen weeks for the next hearing.