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Chota Rajan is actually arrested for eating beef in KFC, Interpol reveals

30, Oct 2015 By Rajesh Turlapati

Delhi: Chota Rajan, the underworld don, who was involved in multiple serial blasts, has finally got arrested for eating beef in KFC in Indonesia. Apparently, the arrest was triggered after intelligence sources received a tip-off that the Don was at a fast food outlet and having something that would make a strong case for him to be arrested.

Chhota Rajan arrested from KFC outlet
Chhota Rajan arrested from KFC outlet

Indian Intelligence authorities shared with Faking News some of the inputs they received. “It was only on Monday, when we have got important critical information from Rajan’s arch-rival Chota Shakeel. The information says Rajan eats beef,” exclaimed Anirudh Sharma, Indian Intelligence Officer.

“Then, we immediately lodged FIR against Rajan and charged him under ‘Beef eating’ section 302.5, which enabled us with higher privileges to reach Interpol,” he explained with a hint of pride on his face.

Interpol senior officer Mike Anderson explained the adventurous journey in catching Chota Rajan.

“It all happened when I was using toilet in KFC at airport. I have got a call from Indian Intelligence saying that Rajan is in same KFC at that moment,” Mr. Anderson started explaining.

“We caught him red handed. We have found Rajan eating ‘Big Daddy’ Special Beef burger in KFC at Bali airport. We also cross checked his bill,” told Interpol Chief.

Though Rajan initially told Interpol that he was only eating buffallo meat, he later admitted eating beef after few hours of interrogation.

“It was a big mistake of my life. I should have ordered chicken tikka burger instead,” regretted Chota Rajan while talking to the Press.

Twitter immediately responded to the arrest, flooded with tweets from all over India.

“I used to like Chota Rajan, especially after watching some of Ramgopal Verma’s underworld films. I can’t believe he would commit such a heinous crime of eating beef. Now, I hate him,” tweeted Param Bhakt an Engineering student from Jharkhand.