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Class Xth student arrested with pistol, wanted to shoot Kapil Sibal

04, Sep 2009 By Pagal Patrakar

What is this yaar?
What is this yaar?

New Delhi. Panic and terror struck Ministry of Human Resource Development here when a fourteen years old boy was caught with a loaded pistol inside the building. The boy, identified as RG Verma, is a student of class Xth in a CBSE school of the city and was reportedly unhappy with HRD Minister Kapil Sibal’s decision to scrap the mandatory Xth Board Exams.  Officials claim that RG wanted to assassinate Kapil Sibal. The boy has been arrested and sent to a juvenile remand home.

“We were alerted when a bullet like stuff fell from the school bag of this boy moving in the corridor. Initially we ignored that, but on further inspection we found that it indeed was a live bullet. We launched a massive search operation for the boy half an hour later and also called in the army. Security forces overpowered the boy while he was drinking Mountain Dew at a snacks stall outside the secretariat.” a ministry official informed.

The boy, RG Verma, has denied that he had any intentions to assassinate the HRD Minister, but conceded that he wanted to shoot the minister to ‘teach him a lesson’. RG thinks that Kapil Sibal has ruined lives of meritorious students by scrapping board exams. RG considers himself meritorious as he always stood first in his class in school exams.

“The decision doesn’t make sense at all. Ishaan, who has always been coming second to me, will now get the same grade as me?! This is ridiculous! Did I kill my brains all these years to see this day? And do you know that nobody is studying at all after this decision was announced? Those losers, who at least used to study when board exams were near, are now busy collecting pictures of Megan Fox. God save this country.” RG told Faking News.

RG was looking forward to take board exams as he was confident of getting the highest marks in Delhi. His neighbor had fared similar in last year’s exams and had got his photo printed in the newspaper. His dreams were shattered when CBSE made the exams optional from this year onwards, but he was still optimistic and was planning to take the exams. He may have to miss the exams as the courts will first need to acquit him.

Meanwhile friends of RG have expressed disbelief over his deeds. His friends confirmed that RG was indeed very agitated after the decision was announced but they never thought that he could take such an extreme step.

“He always used to come first, although it was due to the fact that he always used to get grace marks for good handwriting, otherwise our marks were almost similar, in fact on a couple of occasions I had got more marks than him if the handwriting marks were to be discounted. But that doesn’t mean I am happy over the unfortunate situation he has got himself into. I pray he is released and can take the board exams in time.” Ishaan, the boy who always stood second after RG said.