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Coaching center starts IIT course for pregnant ladies to give the soon to be born kid a head start in preparations

16, Jun 2018 By Santosh Pradhan

It is a common practice for Indian parents to encourage their kids to study and prepare for IIT. 4 out of 5 Indian households dream of sending their kids to IITs and IIMS. But Shwetank Srivastava, who heads a coaching center in Kota has come up with an innovative strategy to beat competitors. Kids joining coaching classes at a young age of 10-12 is common in many places but Shwetank has started a course for the pregnant ladies so that the kid in their womb gets a head start in IIT preparations compared to other kids born in and around his birth time.the-best-books-for-pregnant-moms

Cracking IIT and IIM is a tedious job and the preparations have to be extreme. Shwetank realized it long back and was running classes for students in 3rd, 4th and 5th standards to crack IIT when they clear their HSC exams. His institute has produced many IIT toppers and he wants the trend to continue. According to him, if knowledge is provided to pregnant ladies, it would enter the brain of the soon to be born kid and the kid will grasp all info sooner than the kids who will start their classes after getting born.

That the money charged for this premium course will be on the higher side is a redundant statement. And before admitting a pregnant lady there will a small aptitude test to verify whether the lady has the potential to channelize the knowledge to her kid. There was a long queue of pregnant ladies seen outside the coaching center which Shwetank runs and if the trend follows soon there will be other centers coming up with similar courses.