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Coaching institute has exciting early bird offer for students who want to crack IIT exam in their next life

12, May 2018 By dasu

Kota (Rajasthan): Sallen institute for IIT JEE preparation has come up with exciting offers exclusively for students who wants to crack IIT exam in their next life.

We spoke to Ranjit Maheshwari, head of Sallen institute, Kota. Stressing on the key factor of starting early, Mr. Maheshwari said, “I see so many parents coming here and going back disappointed. They are looking for a rank in top 1000, lekin bache ko 3rd ya 4th standard pe yahan leke aate hain”.

Mr. Maheshwari added, “In next eight nine years even if we want to make the student ready for a tough exam like IIT, we can’t do. We enroll students for this life if the student is in Pre-Kindergarten or maximum Lower Kindergarten. Uska upar toh hum lete hi nahin if someone wants such high rank”.

“On top of it many families ask for early bird offer. With growing cost and demand, I can’t afford that. Then I realized, let us extend the coaching to next life. It is beneficial for both. We earn for 14 years in one life and next 14 years money from next life. Parents are happy, along with discount, at least eak life toh unka beta ya beti IIT mein padh paya, jo sabko nasseb nahin hota”, said Mr. Maheshwari on the special 20% discount to students enrolling for Target Next Life IIT option.

When we asked how is it possible, Mr. Maheshwari said, “We will give each student a soul identification number (SIN) like Aadhar. We will ensure this number student will remember for next five lives. Next life jaisse hi bacha baat karega, yeh number bata dega. Please get him here”,

Before winding up, Mr. Maheshwar said, “Again key is to start early. Do not be late, get him here before he turns 4. Because in 1st life we will coach for IIT Main exam, in next life we will focus on preparation for IIT advanced exam”.