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College students take foreigner hostage to get photographed with him

31, Jan 2014 By idiot420

Barabanki. In a weirdest of weird incident, a group of young boys took a foreigner hostage after he refused to get photographed with them.

It all started when Banti, along with a couple of his friends, spotted US citizen Albert Carter in the outskirts of the city and requested him for few photographs with them.

Indians love to shake hands and get phographed with foreigners.
Indians love to shake hands and get photographed with foreigners.

But Albert, who was visiting Barabanki to experience some Indian “mela”, refused their offer as he himself was busy taking photographs of poor villagers.

Few minutes later, Banti and his friends forcibly made Albert sit on their bike and took him to a remote place. On their way, they even bought few samosas and a bottle of soft drink.

Reportedly, they clicked at least 100 photos with Albert, and surprisingly, all in friendly poses.

“They forcibly made me smile and then posed with me like we were best buddies. They made me eat samosas and clicked few group photos, as if we were partying,” said Albert after getting released from the captivity.

After the photo session, Banti introduced him and his friends to Albert and thanked him for the cooperation. They even asked Albert for his autograph as memento.

“One of them practiced English speaking with me for half an hour,” he revealed his horror.

As soon as Albert was released, he filed an FIR in the nearest police station and requested for security till he was in the city.

“As I know a little bit of Hindi, I could gather that they were college students and were doing this to get photographs for Facebook, in order to impress their friends,” Albert claimed.

“I am a simple carpenter, not any Hollywood star or US President. I’ve no idea why did they do this to me!” he wondered.

Meanwhile, police has started special Facebook search operation to find Banti and his friends.

“This news has become a breaking news here so I think they will lie low and not upload the pictures immediately. But it’s not easy to control oneself when you have such photos. Someday, they will put it on Facebook for sure, and then we will hunt them down,” vowed Police Inspector, Ravish Shukla.