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College withholds Mechanical engineer's degree for being in relationship with a girl

18, Oct 2018 By Guest Patrakar

Mumbai: 10 reasons to fall in love with mechanical engineers – do you know why smart girls prefer dating a mechanical engineer? Mechanical engineers are some of the best people to date with. A good sense of logic, better salary, better communication, extra technical knowledge about almost everything makes a mechanical engineer a perfect guy to date. Enough of these jokes now. Lets come straight to the news. A college in Mumbai actually witholded aMechanical Engineer’s degree as he was dating a girl which is against the traditions of the Mechanical batch.


The news started with Sanil Malik a 4th-year student of Enimity Engineering college. He was dating a girl for the last 2 years, all these in hideouts as he was too embarrassed to tell this to his fellow batchmates. Mechanical Engineers are the Bhisma Pitamah of the current generation, where even talking to a girl is against traditions, parampara as they call it. His act was caught just 2 days before his convocation and he had to speak the truth then as his roaming with the girl was caught on CCTV cameras too. The college had never allowed any student from the mechanical batch to fall in love with a girl.

And Sanil was the latest victim of the tradition-face-off. Sanil has been told to spend one full year in the college living a single life without any relationship as part of the punishment.