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Commissioner Bassi assures media that everyone is equally unsafe in Delhi

18, Feb 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: Responding to the allegations against Delhi Police after some journalists were roughed up inside Patiala House court, Delhi Police commissioner BS Bassi has assured journalists that they are as unsafe as everyone else in Delhi.

BS Bassi
Commissioner Bassi showing journalists how to defend yourself if someone throws punches

Scuffles broke out at Patiala House court twice in a week during the court appearance of JNU student Kanhaiya Kumar amidst heavy police presence. After these incidents, several media outlets were questioning the capability of Delhi Police and whether police can guarantee their safety.

“Some of the journalists came to me and said that they are feeling unsafe while reporting from Patiala House court. As the man responsible for law and order in Delhi, It is my duty to assure them that they should do their job without fear as they are as unsafe as anyone else in Delhi”, Mr Bassi said assuring every journalist present at his press conference.

Furthermore, Mr Bassi put things in perspective by saying, “There was media presence at Patiala house so a few slaps and kicks became major news else we see hundreds of such incidents every day in Delhi. Wrong side overtaking leads to more serious fights than what we witnessed at Patiala House so we must have a sense of balance.”

When someone present asked Ms Bassi whether they aren’t taking any action because one of the lawyers at Patiala House was rumored to be close to senior BJP politicians, Mr Bassi refused and said, “No, this inaction is same in all cases of thappad-mukka fights. We aren’t discriminating with anyone based on their political or media connections. In fact, if we take any action then people can accuse us of favoring media unreasonably.”

However, media is not happy with this response from Delhi Police Commissioner and has written a letter to Home Minister Rajnath Singh asking him to take action against Commissioner Bassi.

Mr. Bassi didn’t seem too troubled by this complaint and when we asked him the reason, he smiled and said, “11 days to retirement. By the time any government decides to take their complaint seriously, my children would have retired as well.”