IT company sends techies returning from onsite to its Kanpur office to normalize their US accent

18, Jul 2019 By dasu

Bengaluru: Gone are the bad old days, US returned IT engineers had to struggle for months with their US accent. Many IT companies are opening offices in places like Kanpur, Kasipur, Hosiarpur and sending such techies to those locations to neutralize their heavy US accent.

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“It depends on the need of our engineers. Some take days, some takes months. It all depends to what extent US accent has gone into their blood”, said a manager of a reputed IT firm headquartered in Bangalore.

“There are techies who do not want to leave the US accent as they feel it keeps their market value at a premium. For no use, they will continue to talk on that accent. It’s a struggle for person’s like me who has stayed years in US. Thing about those techies’ parents, relatives or friends”.

“Everyone goes through torrid time, unable to recognize why he or she is talking like this, many cases accent affects behavior of the person too. For such people we give them heavy dose of desi accent. Like we show them lot of Ashutosh’s (Journalist AAP) videos. It has immensely helped”, add the manager.

There are other desi techniques as well. Rajesh Sharma, an IT engineer who returned from US asked her mother, “Can I have few pieces of pancakes (instead of set dosa) please? Why everything around here is so dusty mom? I am struggling to breath here”.

Mother replied to him, “Do you see this Belan. Jaldi se seedhi tare baat kar, nahin toh dust settle hone se pehle tujhe iss belan se settle kar doongi”. Rajesh behaved normally from next minute.