Condom ads showing flowers coming close to each other can be shown before 10 PM: I&B Ministry

21, Dec 2017 By dasu

New Delhi: Ministry of Information and broadcasting in its latest circular has clarified, Condom advertisements which are done with good aesthetic sense like two flowers coming close to each other can be shown between 6 AM and 10 PM.

This clarification came after Rajasthan High Court sent a notice to I&B ministry asking the reason behind ministry’s earlier order to ban the advertisement during those hours.

“There was a small mistake in our earlier circular. We should have explicitly mentioned that only condom advertisements with explicit content are not to be shown. After our latest clarification, there would be no scope for ambiguity,” said P.K. Dua, senior official of I&B ministry.

Mr. Dua added, “We have all grown up watching flowers coming to close to each other in old Bollywood movies. It allowed our imagination to grow. Now everything is so open, pura khulla khulla dikhate hain. No decency. The reason behind the ban is to discourage the cheap vulgar advertisements, encourage the ones which are done aesthetically.”

One of the school student who is born during ‘Sunny’ era said, “Before 10 PM toh mera prime time hai. Papa, Mama office mein and internet bandwidth at home is good. I have no interest in watching flower coming close advertisements. Whoever wants to improve their imagination let them watch. Mujhe direct information chahiye, I know from where I will get them.”

After the new circular came, Condom advertising professionals are calling Alok Nath non-stop to rope him for their new sanskari condom advertisements.