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Conservative girl shocks everyone by wearing jeans post-wedding

12, Apr 2015 By Agnel

Hyderabad. In a bizarre move that has brought mixed responses from different quarters, Kanya Kumari (name not changed to reveal true identity) was spotted on popular social-networking site Facebook in jeans, something that her friends say they’ve never seen her wear before.

Kanya, it is said hails from an ultra-conservative family in southern-India and her family is known to have been very particular when it came to her dressing sense.

“The only clothes she ever wore were Salwars and a saree for graduation, immediately after which she was married off to an NRI,” said Sukanya her best-friend in class.

Kanya was known never to have spoken to boys or let alone have an affair. Her dad or brother would drop her to college everyday and would wait till she went into class and would be present at the parking lot before our classes ended.

Complete disrespect of the culture.
Complete disrespect of the culture.

It is said that all this was being done so that they could find a good groom for her and have her married to a well-off family (preferably an NRI).

“There was once when she was chosen to complete her project with Karan but her dad had that changed and got her to join me for her project by speaking to the principal because he did not want a stain on her character,” she added.

Totally compliant with social norms, Kanya was then married-off to a stranger immediately after her education so she would not have to work for a living, something only men in her caste were allowed to do. Education they said was just to find a better groom.

What shocked the world was the fact that a Facebook account that was inactive for 3 years belonging to KK, suddenly sprang to life post marriage and what shocked her friends was the fact that she was actually wearing jeans in her honeymoon photographs. Something nobody who even remotely knew her would have dreamt of.

When we contacted her family, they responded by saying, “We have ensured that she had no male friends on her list till marriage as that was our duty . If she has continued that, then nobody would have seen those photographs and our family honor can be upheld. Moreover she’s a part of her husbands family now, we have done our best to protect her honor and give her the best of everything. She is now their property and they will deal with it.”

We also tried to contact her mother-in-law who slammed the phone on us showing her displeasure.

It is rumored that her mother-in-law is not pleased with the on-goings. A distant aunt was heard saying, “So what if he’s abroad? He must have control over her. Daughters-in-law must not go out of hand It is a matter of our family honor.”

Unaware of what has happened over the last two weeks, Kanya and her husband who are currently on honeymoon in Bali were not available for comments. It is said they’re flying directly to Seattle post that.