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Considering maximum footfall happens in mall washrooms, bestselling brands will be sold there

02, Mar 2018 By dasu

Bengaluru: In a ‘smart’ move, one of the reputed mall in Bengaluru, Phoenix mall has decided to give space to bestselling brands near washrooms to give them fair chance for maximum visibility.

While speaking to us, Ratnakar Shetty, head of Phoenix mall said, “Gone are the days when maximum people came to mall only for window shopping. Now they come inside apart from free AC, it is to make use of ultra-clean washrooms we provide free of cost.”

“What we have noticed through our CCTV footages, footfalls near washrooms is 4X that of average inside other parts of the malls. So many leading brands have come forward asking for ‘adequate’ space near washrooms to give a fillip to their sales. The demand is huge from every store owner. Washrooms is a necessity for a person who has come to shop at ‘Large Bazar’ or someone who has come to own a luxury brand like Louis Vuitton or Diesel,” said Mr. Shetty.

Agar Parking lot mein one hour lag jaata hai, to mall mein entry karne par, first thing person looks for is directions towards washrooms,” said Mr. Shetty.

Mr. Shetty added, mall wants to be fair to all brands. “We will allocate space to top performing brands in all segments from mass market to those who cater to niche Mallya type persons. It will be exclusively depending on brand’s monthly sell numbers.”

Looking at this new plan, many husbands who have swollen feet to show for standing long hours outside ladies changing rooms are super happy.

“Ladies changing rooms are inside their washrooms only. Let my wife try as many she wants to try. I will be free from this standing torture holding a big pile of clothes and comment on each dress she tries”, said one such husband who got WhatsApp message from his wife asking, “Batao na kaissi lag rahi hoon mein iss dress mein”.