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Corrupt bureaucrat plays joker card, all jokers come out in support

21, Dec 2009 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. “I am being targeted because I am a joker.” This accusation by tainted IAS officer Vidushak Varma was enough to get all the jokers of India rally behind him in support. Varma, who is a secretary in the road construction department and works voluntarily as a part-time joker for Ajanta Circus, has been accused of siphoning off 2.38 crore rupees from the national highway development fund.

“Jokers have always been laughed upon by the society and have never been given a fair deal, even though they have never harmed anyone. Other officers are simply jealous of me and uncomfortable of the fact that a joker has attained the same status as them. These are ludicrously motivated charges.” Varma alleged.

Vidushak Varma after playing the Joker card
Vidushak Varma after playing the Joker card

Around two weeks back, police officials had recovered some unaccounted-for cash from the bedroom cupboard of Vidushak Varma, after which an FIR was lodged against him. But soon after, Varma approached High Court for an anticipatory bail and has now come up this accusation of being a victim of bias against jokers in the society.

Post his claim of being victimized, Jokers from all over the India, and some from even outside India, have come out in support of Varma and are demanding withdrawal of all the charges of corruption against him. Jokers claim that corruption was not new in the Indian society and jokers were being targeted unfairly.

“Is corruption only for the privileged sections of the society? We don’t have any rights over corruption? Why are only jokers targeted even though corruption has become almost the way of life in our country?” argued a joker thinker and joker rights activist Kanchan Hilariousia, calling for a nationwide agitation.

Jokers have rejected the suggestions that cases of crime and corruption should be kept away from such debates. “The bias is deep-rooted; every child is taught to laugh at jokers right from the day he or she was born. Cases of crime and corruption against jokers are mostly motivated out of such deeply ingrained prejudices.” proposed Kanchan Hilariousia.

Amid mounting pressure from jokers, the government had decided to suspend all criminal investigations into Vidushak Varma’s case and announced constitution of an inquiry commission headed by a retired judge to look into the charges of bias against jokers.