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Couple avoided hospitalization cost as they were discharged from ambulance itself which was stuck in jam for hours

31, Aug 2015 By dasu

Bangalore: Over the last weekend, Bangalore based couple Mr. and Mrs. Manjunath became proud parents. Their new born princess received close to three hundred likes in less than two days. On top of it they were happy to see most of their friends avoided unnecessary comments on FB and stuck to standard comments like ‘cutie’ and ‘how cute’.

No space even for an ambulance?
No space even for an ambulance?

If we rewind back by few days, it was not at all fun for the couple.

Due to sudden job change Manjunath was forced to relocate to Whitefield area, very close to his new office. This helped Manjunath take better care of his family by avoiding long commute.

From the beginning Manjunath was nervous about how he will reach the doctor’s place which was now 40 kilometers from his new residence. Due to the notorious Bangalore traffic and sometimes depending on luck, it can take anywhere between 3 to 6 hours to cover that much distance on a working day.

Unfortunately Mrs. Manjunath got labour pains when traffic jam at Silk board junction was at its peak. Their only hope was ambulance will help them to reach as soon as possible.

Looking at the way people behaved on the way, couple had a terrible time as no one was ready to leave an inch of the road.

Manjunath explained the scenario as it unfolded on that day. He said, “Ambulance siren was of no use as on an average the sound pollution in Marathahalli and Silk board area are among the highest in Bangalore. I can see people were angry as they were stuck for hours as some minister visited that area on that day to inaugurate a new toilet for some school. Bikers were doing their customary zigzag movement and were closing the gap between vehicles.”

Manjunath added, “Sometimes I felt may be hiring an auto would have helped me as auto drivers know roads which neither google maps nor old Bangaloreans are aware off. They can also create new routes by following their own traffic rules. The pain for my wife was increasing, she was stable thanks to the junior doctor and nurses who were taking care of her. As it was a normal delivery, my princess was born somewhere between Marathahalli Bridge and HSR layout. Thanks to the long traffic jam at silk board, both mother and baby were doing well. People were also helpful; they were not allowing the ambulance to move an inch ahead of them.”

“Our gynecologist was constantly in touch with her junior doctor and as everything was normal, after 7 PM she directed the doctor to discharge us from the ambulance itself and we took a cab to reach home. Though I saved some money as part of standard hospitalization cost, one thought struck my mind. What happens if someone suffers a major accident or a heart attack during peak hour, will people behave differently? Hope they understand one can plan for anything, but health emergencies or accidents cannot be planned, it can strike anyone anytime,” Manjunath concluded.