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Couple break up on wedding night after finding out that they voted for opposing parties during Gujarat elections

15, Dec 2017 By @jurnoleast

The voting for Gujarat elections which concluded yesterday also brought to an end the 10 year relationship of Hiten Shah and Sejal Desai.

The couple who were celebrating their first wedding night decided to end their marriage after finding out that they voted for opposing political parties during the election.

As per sources the couple were all set to consummate their marriage when the revelation abruptly ended all chances of them being together.

Hiten is a Congress supporter while Sejal is a BJP loyalist. However neither of them were aware of their partners political leaning for all these years.

“They were so madly in love that they never had the time to discuss politics. I am surprised at the way it all ended,” said Sejal’s sister Tejal.

Hiten’s brother Miten too fails to understand their overreaction and has even offered to speak to both families in an effort to resolve the issue.

However neither Hiten nor Sejal are in any mood for a resolution.

Apparently it was not just an argument between the couple but they literally came to blows. Neighbors reported hearing loud noises that night from their room. “Yes we did hear a lot of shouting and screaming. But I thought it must the usual screaming that accompanies a love making session. Mane khabarch nathi etlo baddho problem thai gayo (I had no clue that it was such a big problem),” said Bhavesh Mehta, their next door neighbor.

After the news was reported in media many senior leaders from both parties offered to counsel the couple. Senior leader from BJP Mr. LK Advani is already on his way to Gujarat. Former PM Manmohan Singh too is expected to meet the couple.