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Couple break up because of ‘last seen at’ feature of WhatsApp

06, Apr 2014 By Toffee

Bangalore. In a not-so-surprising incident, a couple broke up because of the ‘last seen at’ feature of the widely popular mobile messaging application WhatsApp, now owned by Facebook.

When our Faking News reporter got to know of this news through a forwarded message on WhatsApp, he began his investigation to find the truth of the matter.

Both Aditi and Rahul, the couple who are no more a couple, were working as software developers in Infosys and TCS respectively. They had been in love for the past 2 years. Everything was rosy between them until Rahul bought a Samsung galaxy S3 smartphone and gifted it to Aditi on her birthday.

It was only a matter of time that she installed WhatsApp and they began sending cheesy love messages to each other. But the ‘last seen at’ feature was the culprit that instigated the fights between the couple.

Bringing people closer or separating them??

When asked about the inception of breakup, Aditi revealed, “Whenever I used to call him or send messages to him during office timings, he would say he was busy and would talk to me later. But every time I would check his ‘last seen at’, it would always be just a few minutes before. He would see my ‘I love you sweetheart’ messages and wouldn’t even reply to my message!”

Aditi went on complaining about how insensitive and inconsiderate Rahul was towards her feelings, emotions, and emojis.

However, Rahul too accuses Aditi of being heartless.

“Whenever I was working in night shift, She would usually send ‘good night and chweet dreams honey’ kinda messages along with those stupid smileys by 11 PM, but every time I’d check her last seen at, it would be sometime around 1 AM. I became pretty sure that she must be chatting with some other guys during late hours,” rued Rahul about Aditi’s lies.

The couple told Faking News that such little arguments soon turned into fierce ones. They stopped talking to each other but they didn’t stop using WhatsApp. And when they met a few days later, the central conversation was again the ‘last seen at’ feature of WhatsApp.

That day, they saw each other for the last time and decided to break up forever.

Post breakup, Aditi was last seen at pani puri stall complaining to her best friend about how assholic guys are and Rahul was last seen at a bar drinking Kingfisher beer with his friends. Before break up, they both were usually seen at some coffee day sipping cafe frappe with two straws in same glass.

This reporter, who had stopped using WhatsApp because of similar issues, found out the real reason behind the problem between Aditi and Rahul. Aditi was checking her WhatsApp to check Rahul’s last seen at and Rahul was checking his WhatsApp to check Aditi’s last seen at and it ended up in a vicious circle of spying on each other.