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Couple cancel their wedding due to complicated cash withdrawal rules, directly go to honeymoon

22, Nov 2016 By sagarcasm

Jaipur: Ramesh Agrawal, the owner of Agrawal Sweets and Madhuri Goyal, the owner of Bikaner Sweets were all set to get married on the 22nd of November. However, looking at the rules to withdraw money for a wedding, they decided to skip the wedding and proceed directly to their Honeymoon.

Shaadi na sahi, Honeymoon hi sahi

After imposing the restrictions on withdrawing money after demonetisation, government had relented and agreed for a cash withdrawal of 2.5 lacs for families where weddings are going to take place. However, the rules were so complex that this couple didn’t think they could follow them all.

Ramesh’s brother, Suresh, had gone to the bank to withdraw 2.5 lacs from his bank account on Monday. Much to his surprise, the branch manager told him that cash withdrawals can be made by either the parents or the bride or the groom. After that, Ramesh himself went to the bank with his wedding card after skipping his own Ring Ceremony. The manager told him that Ramesh will have to provide the full list of likely recipients of the cash payment along with a declaration from such persons that they do not have bank accounts.

Ramesh lost his mind there and then and decided to cancel his wedding. Madhuri was a little disappointed because she wanted to post her wedding pictures on Facebook to gather huge number of likes. The guests were disheartened as they would miss the free food and liquor that they were about to get in the various functions during the wedding.

Mrs. Preeti Agrawal, the mother of the groom broke into tears as she spoke to Faking News, “I was looking forward to bitching about my daughter in law in front of all my neighbours but now I have lost that chance. What face will I show in the locality? It is all due to Modi and his policies, never voting for him again.”

Despite the fact that the wedding was abandoned, the couple decided to go on their honeymoon because their tickets were already paid for. “After the wedding was cancelled, my parents told me to cancel the honeymoon plan too” Madhuri said, “But when I told them that the tickets were non-refundable, they agreed for the trip. I am so happy; I will at least get some likes on Facebook for my honeymoon pics.”