Couple files for divorce following fight on what is better paneer butter masala or paneer makhani

14, Jun 2019 By Santosh Pradhan
Delhi: A disgruntled couple ended 7 years of their relationship and filed for divorce after they could not come down to a common consensus on what is better: paneer butter masala or paneer makhani
Ankita Arora and Rohan Deshmukh fell for each other while they were together in a college in Pune and got married just a year after they started dating. Their relationship was sailing smoothly until last Sunday when they had a serious altercation, which climaxed to the point of filing for a divorce.
Being from different states in India, Ankita and Vishal had different food preferences and that never became the reason for an argument until recently when Ankita saw Vishal up-voting Paneer Butter Masala as the best food in a poll on Facebook that included Paneer Makhni as an option as well. After trying everything to convince Vishal, Ankita cooked a plateful of delicious Paneer makhni for him but to no avail as later in the evening Vishal ordered Paneer Butter masala when the two of them were out for a dinner date.
The couple approached a marriage counselor who also failed to reach to any conclusion as to which dish was better and suggested the couple to have Paneer Butter Masala in breakfast and Paneer Makhni for lunch. Currently, Ankita has granted seven days to Rohan for changing his mind failing which she’ll be processing the divorce case as per their tacit agreement.
Ankita and Rohan’s case may seem like an isolated one, but data says that an increasing number of couples are getting separated due to different food preferences. Another couple from Chandigarh has filed for a divorce due to one of them not being a tea addict. Such cases raise an important question “Are we eating to stay alive or are we staying alive to eat?”