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Couple gets remarried after photographer loses memory card with wedding pictures

08, Oct 2018 By Guest Patrakar

Mumbai: The most simplistic explanation for marriage mania has to be media infiltration. Most girls can remember watching commercials featuring smiling brides and their smitten new grooms. From youth, we’ve read stories and watched movies about the quest to find that perfect person. And that makes a marriage so very important. But more than marriages itself, it is the photos and videos which share more importance in the current society. Social media platforms have made marriage a shareworthy event rather than just a private family function. In a weird incident in Mumbai, a couple had to remarry as the photographer lost the memory card which contained their wedding pictures.


Sanil Malik had planned his wedding long before and even before that he had planned the photo shoot of his wedding. The amount spent on the photographer was 50% of the total wedding budget. He and his wife had also thought about hashtags to be used while sharing the pics on Facebook. But the planning was left shattered when on the day of the wedding, the photographer lost the memory card after all functions were covered by him. Sanil and his wife were so unhappy that people thought they were emotional as they are getting married but deep within they were upset that they don’t have any pics to share now.

The photographer though gave them an idea to remarry and told that he would give them a discount of 50% on their re-marriage. Though it was an idea which was didn’t seem practical enough, Sanil and his social media savvy wife readily agreed and the marriage function was held yesterday.