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Couple in love for three weeks break up publicly in shopping mall

09, Jul 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. Ankit, 25, and Tina, 24, were madly in love and had been going steady for almost three weeks now before they suddenly broke up in a shopping mall earlier today. The incident has sent shockwaves to many, who thought both of them were made for each other as Ankit had gifted a Micromax Bling twinkling cellpone to Tina just three days back. It’s not yet known why the couple broke up.

“Everything was going alright and Tina seemed so happy. She had even bought new skirt that she planned to wear on Ankit’s birthday next month.” said Sarah, a common friend of Ankit and Tina, and ex-girlfriend of Ankit.

Sweet couple fighting
An artist’s impression of how the couple in love would have looked like in the shopping mall

“Oh god, I feel so bad for her.” she added.

Sarah refused to share the details of her break-up with Ankit and clarified that her case couldn’t be equated with that of Tina as they were very different in nature.

“She is not my types.” Sarah said, adding that Tina’s taste in dressing was very ‘middle-class’.

Eyewitnesses present at the shopping mall still vividly recall the moment the couple broke up, though not many had specific details on what went wrong between them.

“I was looking at this mannequin when I suddenly heard a female voice scream “you get lost”; that’s when I turned back to see those guys talking agitatedly with each other. The girl looked hot and it seemed she would almost slap that thin but tall guy.” said Virendar, who also tried to make an MMS of the moment but Ankit had beaten a hasty retreat from the mall by then.

“There should be a short-cut button for video-camera on cell phones.” Virendar recalled the moment.

Other couples present at the mall at that time too recalled the moment of the break-up but could only speculate over what could have caused it.

“I guess the girl caught the guy with another girl.” Smita, who was shopping with her boyfriend in the same mall when the incident took place, said, adding, “Furthermore, they never looked a perfect couple together, they were bound to break up; I could have predicted that even if there was no fight.”

But not many of the friends of Ankit and Tina agree as they maintain that were such a sweet couple together.

“Yes, Tina was upset last night as Ankit didn’t call her back after rejecting her call, but didn’t know it could lead to their break-off.” Chetan, one of the school friends of Tina, wondered.

Ankit, who works as a call center executive in Gurgaon, had spent around 35,700 rupees on his latest affair, his friends inform.

“I hope he comes out of it soon.” wished Aman, one of Ankit’s twenty-seven best friends.