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Couple keep aside 5 out of 8 days just to click photographs on holiday

23, Jul 2014 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. A recently married couple took their obsession for sharing holiday pics on Facebook to a new height, when they kept aside 5 out of 8 days to click photographs on their recently concluded holiday trip to Thailand.

Not only this, they decided to use most of the remaining 3 days to upload those photographs on various social networking platforms.

The couple was very excited about the holiday uploading photos on Facebook from the time they booked a holiday package, if their housekeeping staff is to be believed.

As per their maid, they were so enthusiastic that they kept 5 pair of clothes DSLRs and SLR’s, 4 pair of shoes data cards and 3 laptops in case of emergency while packing their bags. She further pointed to the toothbrush and few other daily use non-photography items the couple decided to leave behind as there was no space left in suitcase.

File Photo of another couple clicked by the Couple.
File Photo of another couple clicked by the Couple.

The hotel, where the couple was put up in Bangkok, confirmed their passion for photography.

“I saw them clicking photographs of even the commode and wash basin from different angles,” revealed a room boy, who has still not recovered from the “photogenic” behavior he witnessed.

Their passion also landed them in trouble for a brief while, when the husband was caught clicking photos outside a massage parlor. They were detained for questioning by police.

“They were insane people. He even asked the police officer to smile so that he could click his photographs, while his wife took photos of him with handcuffs in various poses,” their tour guide disclosed.

After clicking pictures the whole day, the couple would start disseminating them every evening.

“They added me on a group called Thailand Holiday on WhatsApp and would flood my cell daily with photos. It was like a virtual tsunami,” said a distant relative of the couple who uninstalled WhatsApp.

However, once back in India, the couple was depressed when they realized that in the midst of their photography marathon, they didn’t even go to Pattaya. On top of that, they found themselves blocked by many friends on WhatsApp and Facebook.

But what was purely heartbreaking was the low number of likes and comments on Facebook.

To make up for this loss, the husband was seen forcing his driver to create a Facebook account and comment “made for each other” and “WOW! Superb photography!” on their pics, latest reports suggest.