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Couple leave Multiplex without paying for popcorn, management claims losses worth 50k

17, Aug 2014 By trolldevi

Bangalore. Spendmax, a popular multiplex in the city was robbed during broad daylight by a couple of unknown persons. After verifying everything, manager claimed that the loss was around 50,000 rupees.

Later police filed an FIR and reported that 2 popcorn tubs, 2 Pepsi 250ml bottles, and one small plate of nachos were stolen causing the huge losses.

The incident occurred on Saturday afternoon when the multiplex was totally busy with almost half of the Bangalore population. As per the information from staff, the robbers booked movie tickets at the counter itself. The robbery was noticed after the show completed and everyone had left.

Some details are still unclear and it turned little difficult for police to trace the suspects.  They found information about some people who booked tickets through internet and started investigating them one by one.

World's most expensive sight.
World’s most expensive sight.

Bunny, who recently lost his Innova to pay for the internet handling charges at, told Faking News, “I sat next to those two through the show but didn’t hear anything about plotting the robbery. They told me that they booked the tickets at the counter, and I kept crying most of the time that how dumb I must be to think that I won’t get tickets at show time. Now I’m taking BMTC buses and that too Non AC ones, because my wife is forcing me to save for the next car.” He continued crying.

Akhil, the guy who sat behind robbers, talked to the officers and recorded his statement.

“I actually won my ticket for this show after I ordered 1 mini veg biryani worth Rs 3500 from I went to the movie with a lot of excitement which only lasted for 20 mins. Later I started enjoying the adorable crying of the 3 month old from my back seat. I couldn’t even hear the words from movie. How am I supposed to listen to those robbers?” Akhil explained how he had no idea.

Later the police started questioning the cleaning department. They stated that they retrieved all the empty popcorn tubs, Pepsi glasses, and nachos plates, but they couldn’t find the stolen ones. Thus the police concluded that the suspects committed a clean crime without leaving any traces.

This news has irked the multiplex associations around the world. They extended their moral support to the victim multiplex. State government too has passed special orders to police department to find the culprits.

Meanwhile all the IT companies in Bangalore are also trying to find the culprits, so that they can hire them to teach the popcorn stealing techniques to their lowly paid employees.