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Couple lose camera during holiday trip, use Photoshop to recreate pics for Facebook

20, Nov 2014 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. Panic struck a couple after they found the DSLR camera, which had all the pics of their just concluded holiday trip, to be missing.

While the camera certainly was expensive, but the couple is more distressed about the photos they had clicked and claimed it’s an estimated loss of minimum 450 likes on Facebook.

“I always tell my husband to immediately take backup of all the photos that he clicks on the cameras in the mobile phone, pen-drive and laptop, but he doesn’t listen to me,” rued the wife as husband looked down, wiping tears off his eyes.

Couple were last seen photoshopping their faces on this pic.
Couple were last seen photoshopping their faces on this pic.

Couple however suspects another couple friend of theirs to be behind this act.

“I am sure it’s the handiwork of Mr and Mrs Sinha, with whom we had planned this joint holiday trip. They were somehow averse to us updating status every now and then on Facebook,” the husband revealed.

“I could sense they were jealous when our check-in at the airport received more likes, comments and blessings than theirs,” the husband pointed.

“They virtually ignored us when I hi fived with my wife on crossing 100 likes, while boarding the plane,” he further recalled.

However not to be bogged down by the tragedy, the couple is determined and fully committed to their upload holiday pics on Facebook, come what may.

To make it possible the couple has now purchased a high quality photoshopping software and would photoshop pics to be uploaded.

“Hello! This is not a hoax. We will honestly photoshop only those destinations where we actually went and clicked photos on our camera,” the wife retorted when asked if they are not resorting to lies in order to get likes.

Meanwhile finding it a time consuming exercise, the couple is planning to put an advertisement on newspapers, appealing to the thieves to return their photos and keep the camera if they want. They are also offering cash reward to thief.

“We are even considering a second trip to same destination, if photoshopping doesn’t yield the desired result,” the couple disclosed.