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Couple plans Game Of Thrones themed wedding, no guests show up fearing death

23, Nov 2014 By Sandeep Kadian

Delhi. An elaborate Game Of Thrones themed wedding planned by a Delhi couple turned into a damp squib after none of the invited guests showed up at the wedding.

29 years old Deepak and 27 years old Richa are huge fans of George RR Martin’s epic fantasy novels ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ and the HBO show Game Of Thrones, based on the novels.

Game of Thrones is notorious for its violent wedding. From Dothraki weddings to Red wedding to Purple wedding, it has a long list of weddings where people have died.

red wedding
A scene from the infamous Red wedding.

“We always wanted a themed wedding,” said Richa, “We were trying to think of the perfect theme for a long time before we finally thought about GoT. We both love the books and the show and thought it would be perfect. Unfortunately, it didn’t turn out to be perfect as we were the only 2 people at the venue.”

Explaining the choice of a themed wedding, Richa said, “We wanted to stand out from the clutter of wedding photographs on Facebook. Everyone is posting wedding pics so why would our pics get more likes unless we do something different? Further, there are 10,000 weddings a day during the season in Delhi. Guests have the choice of 3-4 weddings so they pick one which offers them a different experience.”

Deepak, who was considerably more upset than Richa told this reporter, “What a waste man. I spent more than the GDP of Pakistan on this wedding and at the end, there wasn’t even a wedding! Even the Pandit, who was supposed to dress up as High Septon stayed away. We had to go back home dressed like idiots in our Khal Drogo and Daenerys costumes.”

Recalling the day of the wedding, Deepak said,  “We went to the stylist early morning for our make-up and went to the wedding venue straight from there. We found that we were the only ones at the farmhouse which was decorated like a medieval castle. I called up every guest on the list but most of them made one excuse or the other. Some accepted honestly that they don’t want to go anywhere near a GoT wedding fearing for their lives. Even our own relatives stayed away telling us that even family isn’t safe when a Game of Thrones wedding takes place.”

As per family friends, Deepak and Richa are now rescheduling their wedding and plan to turn the wedding venue into a polling booth this time as that is one place where Delhi residents go frequently and in large numbers.