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Couple regret their trip as they forgot to scratch their initials on historical landmarks’ walls

18, Jan 2015 By Anil Sharma

New Delhi: Raj and Sunita, the newly wed couple, are almost suicidal after their first trip to India’s most historical landmarks and monuments as they totally forgot to scratch their initials on any of the monuments’ walls they visited during their excursion.

According to reliable sources, Raj and Sunita met a few months ago that too because of Raj’s habit of writing “want friendship…call me…my number” on almost everything possible like train toilets, school toilets and public toilets as one fine day Sunita did read it and called the number given.

Long live love

Sunita also had the same habit of scratching random sentences on tables, chairs and classroom’s walls. So, they started dating each other and started burning their initials together in trees.

“Everything was going great until we decided to go to this freaking trip. We were elated that we will get so many opportunities to scratch our names on much more popular walls. We packed so well for the trip, I packed a bag full of sharp stones, blades and knives but for no use. I don’t know what went wrong that we completely forgot about it,” Sunita said sobbing.

Although, travel guide books of India give wonderfully written descriptions of famous monuments, museums, historical landmarks to see. Sadly, they often forget to include the most important thing which is the rampant graffiti scrawled across walls, or etched into stone. We’re so fond of art that we keep showing it off even if it ruins someone else’s art. Plus we Indians are infatuated with letting the world know that we have visited a particular place. How else will the world know that Raj and Sunita are deeply in love with each other.

Raj’s parents are also not liking the fact that Raj and Sunita came empty-handed from such a trip.

“Raj was a bright kid. He used to show his scribbling skills on our house’s walls when he was a kid. We cannot believe that he failed just when he had the chance to do it on a bigger and better platform,” Raj’s mom told Faking News.

Meanwhile, Raj is as upset with Sunita as Narendra Modi is with Sakshi Maharaj. He is blaming Sunita for the blunder.

“She wasted time taking selfies and all, screw this social media shit. That’s why we couldn’t do what we love doing. Although, I did manage to spit paan on some of the landmarks’ walls. You might call it defacing property which is thousand years old but these are the things that give you the true feeling of India,” Raj told Faking News.