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Couple returns with 6 shopping bags but forget to buy the item they set out to buy

18, Jan 2018 By dasu

Bengaluru: Shekhar & Aarti, a couple staying in this traffic jam filled metropolitan make sure they plan everything in advance. When it comes to shopping experience, more often than not their shopping plan for which they go out to buy something and what they actually buy shows zero correlation.

Look Honey !  More Bags
Look Honey ! More Bags

“Pata nahin yaar, other day we went out to buy a new school bag for our son. Thanks to so many ‘upto sales’ going on, we came back with six shopping bags full, but we missed to buy the school bag. Pura hafta beta phir se woh purana phata hua bag leke school jayega,” said Shekhar.

“This problem is not for school bag only. For school shoes, we forgot for seven weekends. At the end, Aarti ordered online which was not right fit for my son,” said Shekhar.

He added, “To compound our problems schools will never forget to send note. As the note will arrive, Aarti and I will have one round of fight. We will blame each other to show how ‘irresponsible’ we both are. If I will say, because you went buying those junk jewelry earrings, necklaces, she will say it is all because of my over attention towards the girls waiting at the coffee counter due to which I don’t remember anything. Keeping aside the fight, what Aarti said is not wrong!”

Shekhar has installed an app which will remind him what to buy every thirty minutes.

“By the time I reached mall, the app has already annoyed me by sending multiple reminders that I removed the notification option. What I must buy was fed inside all the cells of my brain. Was going towards the right shop, suddenly the score popped up, Kohli is nearing his century. Then I watched it live on my mobile, I forgot everything. Came back home happy to listen to a fresh round of earful from Aarti,” said Shekhar who went alone this time to complete the shopping task.