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Couple started dating during the first IPL, changed their partner 9 times since then

15, Apr 2017 By RT

Mumbai. A couple who started dating during the first season of IPL, apparently changed their partner nine times since then.


Much like IPL players changing teams, the ‘once upon a time’ couple changed their partners nine times in 9 years.

The first time, it was the girl who suggested mutual separation. She told the boy that she was always cheerful and the boy a dull dud. The boy, with a hearing disability, heard that as cheer girl and immediately broke up with the girl.

The girl moved on several times after that and the boy also moved on, the same number of times, despite being mocked as a dull dud by his first girlfriend. The reason for every split up also remained the same – the girl saying something nasty about the boy. On parallel track, the boy hearing something he does not want to hear. In the last breakup, the girl almost put her latest boyfriend in auction to get rid off him.

“I change my boyfriend quite often. Yes I do. What is wrong with that? Politicians change parties; employees change companies; believers change faiths; smokers change to new brands; and finally to give appropriate analogy, the IPL players change teams. There is no such thing called loyalty anymore. In my case, it is much simple like IPL – You perform or perish. It is ironical that every big catch I found, always under performed. But, unlike IPL, I don’t wait for the full season. Get rid of them immediately,” the girl told Faking News about her dating games.

“I almost feel like an unsold IPL player,” the boy also took to the yearly event when Faking News talked to him. “I do not want to go under the hammer ever. But, often the girls move on and I am forced without a partner. Being unsold really hurts you know, especially when you declare yourself that you are fit and ready for the sport,”  the boy told Faking News.

In the game of break-up and togetherness, the two of them had a brief stint at second relationship during IPL fifth season, it is now learnt by Faking News.