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Court sentences accused to 13 years of rigorous trial and regular hearings

08, Aug 2014 By Vipul K Rawal

Mumbai. In what is being considered as a major revamp to the judicial process, a session court in Mumbai has ordered Champaklal Dedhia, accused of siphoning off 120 crore rupees from the government exchequer, to undergo 13 years of rigorous court trials and regular hearings.

Champaklal will be acquitted after these 13 years, as the case has already been weakened by colluding authorities.

Explaining this “half-verdict”, Justice Chetan Bhagat (not to be confused with the best-selling author) said that such half-verdicts will reduce crime in the country.

Taareekh par taareekh..” will now hound the mighty and powerful too.

“I had this brainwave when a cinema ticket black marketer, who obviously was a Sonakshi Sinha fan told me, ‘Sazaa se darr nahi lagta sahib, muqadme se lagta hai’, and I spotted the real fear of law among the people,” he explained, “People are afraid of the process, not the outcome, and hence we should focus on the process.”

Justice Bhagat pointed out cases like the 1993 Mumbai Bomb Blasts case, which went on for more than 15 years, and The Bhopal Gas tragedy trial that is still far from settled even after more than 25 years.

“Right now the powerful are enjoying the process, because they are not afraid of the ever pending outcomes, so we have to take this fun out of the process,” Justice Bhagat added.

Under this “rigorous trial” sentence, an accused has to compulsorily come to the court premises in person, and sign hundreds of documents even if no hearing is slated on that day. On the day of hearing, he has to come three hours in advance and then submit a summary of the proceedings to the court once the hearing is over. Everything to be done by the accused, not by his attorney.

“The high and powerful delay the cases and employ lawyers to complete legal formalities on their behalf. Now more delayed the case is, more painful it will be to them,” Justice Bhagat pointed out benefits of such “half-verdicts”.

When Faking News caught up with a distraught Champaklal Dedhia, who is politically well connected, he was unable to speak.

“He knew he would be acquitted after 13 years, but he never knew those 13 years will be so screwed up,” Champaklal’s son Dhiren said, “We are planning to appeal in the High Court against this acquittal. We will ask the court to get straight to the real punishment part.”