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Crime rate in U.P town goes down after rumors that the prison canteen will be managed by an Engineering Mess contractor

20, May 2018 By Santosh Pradhan

Paanpur: There is fear, then there is extreme fear and then comes the food at an Engineering Mess or canteen. Students who live with this hell do thank the food for passing the exams because the only motivation in passing the exams is to get rid of the canteen food. Engineering canteens serve food which is way more pathetic than that served in different prisons across the country. And the Paanpur authorities in U.P were able to bring down the crime rate by spreading the rumor that the prison canteen would be managed by an Engineering Mess contractor.


Criminal or non-criminal, food is very important for Indians. Even in prisons people enjoy the stay if the food served is tasty, hygienic or not calls for a totally different debate. Some prisoners are so attached to the food that even after their acquittal they sometimes visit the prison premises to have a taste of the food. Sanil Jain was one such criminal in U.P.  Sanil has been to jail many times since turning 18, but he has different thoughts now. He has promised that he would not commit any crimes as he is too concerned about the future state of Canteens once it is taken over by the Engineering canteen contractors. He is extremely particular about the food he takes and cannot compromise on it for anything.

The jail authorities across the country are using this rumor to bring down the crime rate in their respective areas. State governments are also discussing to bring a bill which would make it mandatory for all prisons to serve the type of food served in Engineering canteens. If everything goes as per the plan soon we can expect the crime rate across the country to drop down.