Criminal laws should be written for different religions in different font and color, demands lawyer

22, Mar 2015 By Pagla Ghoda

New Delhi: One of the senior lawyers at Karkardooma court Mr. Jagdeesh Patrick has ruffled feathers throughout the legal community by submitting a public interest litigation yesterday night appealing to the law-makers to re-write the Indian Penal Code laws for all religions in different font and color. While this PIL has managed to spark heated debates and arguments across legal circles, Mr. Jagdeesh himself is pretty vocal about the whole issue. Talking to reporters just outside the court Mr. Jagdeesh talked about his concerns in detail.

They mean business!
They mean business!

“It is high time that our legal systems get back to discriminating on the basis of religion, caste and beliefs, but in a positive way now. I believe that crimes committed on people belonging to one religion may be more unfortunate and more condemnable than same crimes committed on people from other religion. Hence there is no reason for law to treat everyone as equal. I strongly demand that criminal laws governing each religion/community in the country should be written separately in a different font and color. While for some religions we should use the small but elegant “Times New Roman” font and grayish-black text color, for others we should use bold “Arial” Font and bright maroon text color. Additionally in the PIL I have also recommended that lawmakers should also use a high quality highlighter pen to highlight the laws governing certain specific communities, for a better emphasis and faster justice. More details can be found in my PIL text and on my website,” Mr. Jagdeesh said.

When asked on why crimes against one religion should be treated differently from another in eyes of law Mr. Jagdeesh hit back strongly at the questioning journalist, “Oh I have heard such arguments time and again. Now you will also say that since all the people have same color of blood regardless of their religion, hence everyone is the same. Well to be very frank I am very much against the fact that people of all religions have same blood color. I am working on correcting that evolutionary mistake as well.”

“My next PIL is going to be in the healthcare sector, where I would ask the health ministry to enable people to maintain different color of blood in their body on the basis of their religion, caste and beliefs. I have also documented a number of healthcare solutions available in market which can correct the blood color of a human being easily. But our approach has to be different for ourselves and for yet to be born babies. For the current generation we can have ourselves inject different colored dyes in our body to change the color of our blood, but for yet to be born babies we should focus on R&D on GM techniques such as gene-splicing to change color of the blood even before the babies are born,” Mr. Jagdeesh concluded.

While this is only one of the dozen PILs which Mr. Jagdeesh has submitted in past few months demanding emphasis on selective judicial, academic and political treatment on the basis of religion, he has also reportedly sent a legal notice to a leading hospital recently for successfully conducting a kidney transplant between two people from different religions.