Criminal lawyer gets bored of easy acquittals, takes it as a challenge to get one conviction

12, May 2015 By indianpsycho

Mumbai. A top celebrity criminal lawyer, Ram Jhootmalani, who has fought many high profile cases in his career so far, is a bored man these days.

To bring back the excitement in his career, he has decided to seek training to become prosecution lawyer for the remaining part of his practice.

“There was a time when prosecution had benefit of doubt by default and we really had to struggle to convince the judge, but not anymore,” he told Faking News, “It has now become so easy that it has completely taken the challenge I seek everyday.”

Tough times for prosecution in India
Tough times for prosecution in India

“It was so fun back in those days when defending any client looked a big task. But now, I don’t even have to work hard to come up with any bizarre theories, logics to defend guilty clients anymore. Judges look forever convinced,” he further added.

“Recently some of my clients got bail even before I opened my mouth in the courtroom. This is an insult to my intelligence and I fear going dumb with not having to use my brain cells at all,” he said as he headed to Ujjwal Nikam’s home for some tips.

On the other hand, Ram claims that prosecution counsels have to work their asses off to get the verdict in their favor.

“And even if they somehow manage to convince the judge and get the desired verdict, there is no guarantee. What with a whole ladder or courts to appeal to and get the verdict suspended or reversed by defense lawyers,” he argued, pointing to a latest case involving a human.

“The only thing I may take some time adjusting to, is speaking considerably less number of lies than normal,” he chuckled.