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Criminals upset with CBI court after it delivers a verdict on Arushi Talwar case in just 6 years

25, Nov 2013 By indianpsycho

Ghaziabad. As a special CBI court delivers a judgment in Arushi Talwar murder case nearly 6 years after her sensational killing along with domestic help Hemraj, criminals across India have expressed sadness and disgust at CBI for delivering verdict in such a short span of time.

Talwars are contemplating filing a case against CBI court for the fast judgment.
Talwars are contemplating filing a case against CBI court for the fast judgment.

They feel cases like this should have taken a minimum of 25 years to come to conclusion and now fear that if the trend continues, it will act as a deterrent to criminals who would be wary of committing crimes in the country.

They feel CBI court should have shown the patience they showed dealing with Lalu Prasad Yadav till recently.

Criminals are so upset with this development that they have threatened to leave India and flee to countries like Pakistan or Bangladesh which they feel honors and values talent like theirs.

“This is a tragic and shameful day in the history of Indian judiciary. We thought India was by far the safest country to commit a crime and get away with it. But we are having second thoughts now if we should continue our career in this country or move out for better and safer prospects. I mean what message is being sent out to aspiring criminals. That India is not a safe haven for them anymore,” rued a criminal who has been accused of committing a rape and murder in 1996 and has been leading a peaceful life so far.

“I can now understand the predicament Dawood bhai and Chhota Shakeel must have faced when they fled the country two decades ago. First you do this and then you complain about brain drain,” he added.

When Faking News pointed out that even 6 years is a long time, he shot back, “Not according to the huge standards set by Indian Judiciary my friend.”